Eliminating the need for manual file relocation

Drag-and-dr op function is normally common with different Office applications when there is a necessity to move a certain file to a different location. It’s a good alternative to a “copy/paste” function since there are not so many efforts taken to perform it. Drag-and-drop can also be applied on image files when you, for instance, need to copy them from a flash-card to a hard drive, or from one folder to another. But these situations simply imply file relocation without any file processing. In case some work needs to be performed on a certain file (regardless of a file type), you usually launch another application, upload the file and then choose the operations. ImageConverter Plus offers a more convenient way of doing so. You can simply click on the image file, or an image folder, or even several folders, and they will appear in the software automatically! You don’t need to copy the files from you flash-card, or any other device onto the hard drive. Send them directly to ImageConverter Plus, choose the desired profiles, select the destination folder, and get the desired result in seconds. It is more convenient in case your files are in different locations but need to be processed the same way. It can also help you test how the software works when you want to process single image files. Plus, it’s just fun to simply click on an image, drag it to the software interface, and see how the file is treated. As soon as the files appear in the software you can learn a lot of stuff about them – file type, size, image properties, and image location. Please note that nothing will happen if you want to “cheat” the program. We cannot help you process Word or Excel documents as well as other files that are not graphics.