Unprecedented scaling opportunities

We have already discussed bitmap images in our recent posts, and now it’s time to describe some vector images supported by ImageConverter Plus. Vector graphics are made up of many individual objects. Each of these objects can be defined by mathematical statements and has individual properties assigned to it such as color, fill, and outline. Vector graphics are resolution independent because they can be output to the highest quality at any scale. Vector images are mostly made up of shapes and lines, and are fully scalable which is not the case for bitmaps. Vector images are often preferred by graphic designers for logos, business cards, or billboards creation because of their perfect scaling abilities. ImageConverter Plus supports the following vector formats for conversion: WMF, EMF, EMF+, PDF, PSP, WPG, and SNP. Since vector images can be altered in many different ways to satisfy the design needs, it’s easy to make a copy of each logo or billboard adjusting it to specific graphic needs by scaling it properly without any distortion. Vector files are perfect for reproduction – it will always be based on clean lines and curves. ImageConverter Plus does not create vector images, but converting vector images into raster ones can be performed in a single or a batch mode.