Make sharp photos look more natural

Successful use of light is one of the bases for a good photo. Still, it’s not an easy task to represent light correctly. There may be several factors objecting to it: too much Sun (or vice versa, too little of it), the wrong lighting settings, etc. Extra light is better than the lack of it, but may sometimes spoil the photo – the photo will look so sharp that one can say immediately that it does not look natural – you cannot distinguish the photo details, and the overall appearance is not a pleasant one. This also depends on the camera – some cameras produce unnaturally sharp photos by default, which is a matter of taste whether or not to like them. Whatever the reason for a too sharp photo – camera, weather conditions, incorrect settings, ImageConverter Plus allows photo correction, i.e. light correction in particular. You can download the profile that will make the photos look not so sharp, directly from our website. The more natural the photo looks, the more chances to capture real expressions and to awaken pure emotions.