Add a new file to an existing PDF

ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support for the PDF image format. Images can be converted to PDF considering its multipage layout. This means that if the original image is comprised of several separate pages, they can be converted to PDF supporting the multipage layout preserving the original file structure. PDF is the preferred format for various needs – presentations, documents, etc. It is widely used for archival purposes. PDF is used for scanned and/or faxed documents we receive. PDF offers quite a few advantages: ability to protect the image from any alteration; platform independency; raster and vector images support, etc. The ability of the PDF format to keep the format structure and to add new files to an existing PDF can be fulfilled with the help of ImageConverter Plus. When you launch ImageConveter Plus, there will be several options offered: to save the file as it is, to split the file into several separate pages, to save the file as a multipage file, or to add a certain file to an existing file. If you convert a certain image to PDF and would like it to become a part of already existing PDF file, choose the corresponding option from the drop-down menu.