Enjoy the beauty of the morning mist

Blurred photos may be either the cause of frustration, or the reason to be proud of your art of photography. Blurred photos come out when there is not enough light, or there is no tripod for a faraway subject to be photographed – these are the cases when photos are considered not successful and are discarded by the photographer. Still, sometimes it makes sense to blur photos to a certain extent to create the sense of dynamic. Static images will look like moving objects – this adds the effect of motion or speed. Artistic effect achieved by means of blurring the images can be successfully applied on landscape photography, when the faraway objects will appear like vague silhouettes of mountain peaks or trees with the Sun penetrating trough the dense morning mist. The effect will add professional touch to even a regular image. Technically, ImageConverter Plus will smooth transitions by averaging the pixels next to the hard edges of defined lines and shaded areas in a photo. This is one of the effects supported by the software and can be applied on hundreds or even thousands of images at once.