Identical twins

No matter that practically all our users are familiar with the JPEG format, questions like whether or not JPEG and JPG are the same, still come up. So, are they completely the same? If they are, why are the extensions different? JPEG and JPG stand for “Joint Photographic Expert Group” and “Joint Photographic Group” respectively and refer to the lossy format with good image quality appropriate for the web. Both JPEG and JPG are bitmap compression formats for picture and image files with compression ratios ranging from 10:1 to 20:1. In fact, JPEG and JPG are identical, and the difference between them is caused by the DOS system that traditionally allowed only 3-digit extensions. Windows and other new operating systems allow longer file extensions as evidenced by “.html”. Accordingly, the JPG file extension was upgraded to the JPEG file extension. The two image formats are fully interchangeable and are fully supported for conversion and all types of resize by ImageConverter Plus.