Drag-and-drop and other useful functionality

When your image files are in perfect order, are saved in accordance with their name, are sorted by specific parameters and you always know how to locate them – congratulations – you have perfect organizational skills and are unlikely to utilize the extra convenience of our software for bringing your files into order. A more typical picture though is when your files are in different folders, saved in different image formats, and you need to locate them somehow urgently to convert, resize and/or apply image effects. ImageConverter Plus can let you add the image files from different directories. You can convert all your images from a specific folder or skip the images in subfolders; you can add several folders at the same time and specify a new destination folder for converted images. Another extra convenience is our drag-and-dr op function – pick up the images you wish to convert and drag-and-drop them right into the software interface. They will be added to the list of images to be converted. Files saved in different image formats can be dragged-and-dropped and converted into a new image format according to your preference.