Helping you read ebooks

If you happen to have the files saved in .pdb format and need the software to read the files or to convert them to other more common image formats, ImageConverter Plus offers you this option. The Palm PDB file extension allows mobile devices like a Palm Pilot to write and read database files. Nowadays they are frequently used for ebooks as well. Pdb’s are usually text files (and often long ones at that), or files with text and images mixed. Unfortunately, the size of a Palm mobile device isn’t adequate for a database, especially if it grows in size. But it is possible to transfer the data in a PDB file onto a desktop computer for easier viewing. This will allow you to manipulate the data to create what you need in an easy-to-view format. PDB is one of the image formats supported by ImageConverter Plus. We offer several possibilities to convert your PDB files into other image formats. The most common conversion requested in this respect is conversion of pdb to pdf which is provided.