Comics – a great way for great stories to be told

Do you have your own story to tell with pictures and words? This is what comics are. Some people like them, and some don’t, but every one knows that they can make sad people smile. There are special books of comics available, but numerous people are still interested in creating the ones of their own, because they open up creativity and fantasy. If your child feels sick, for instance, isn’t it the best thing to do – to create the comics of your own? Maybe even relate the stories from your own family life? It is possible to do it with the help of ImageConverter Plus. If you’re scanning hand-drawn work, black-and-white line drawings look better scanned as grayscale, or you can save them as a TIFF file. If you want to create something more professionally looking, like your own comics collection, you can use existing collections of comics available. Choose your most favorite ones, and make your own book of comics. ImageConverter Plus will help you crop undesired margins from the chosen images so that they look more real when they are scanned. You can create one multipage TIFF file looking like a book of comics, or several TIFF files depending on your preferences. For example, if you want to email your newly created comics collection to friends, you can’t handle multipage TIFF. You will need to convert it to several separate JPEG images and work with each of them individually.