Offering a variety of color options

When you view a natural scene you are able to distinguish millions of colors. A digital image can approximate this color realism, but how well it does so depends on your camera and the settings you choose. The number of colors in an image is referred to its color depth and is determined by the number of bits used to store each of a pixel’s three colors—red, green, and blue. JPEG images, for example use 8 bits per color. RAW images have a greater color depth, and this gives you smoother gradations of tones and more colors to work with as you make adjustments. Since ImageConverter Plus is able to support practically all image formats for conversion, it correspondingly supports all the variations of color depth. The software enables the users to work with monochrome or grayscale images with a maximum color depth of 8 bits; indexed color images where colors in the palette are referenced by index to identify each color which enables 8 bits per pixel to look almost as good as 24 bits per pixel; true color images where there are millions of possible colors for each pixel; and HDR images that truly unlock the full range of colors as perceived by human vision. ImageConverter Plus allows changing color depth when saving images into specific formats.