The more you learn, the more you know!

The digital world is rich with image formats, compression types, color types, resolution, etc. All these specifics are not so easy to master. Let’s take a digital camera. An average user will barely know what image formats the camera is able to support. Meanwhile, apart from regular JPEG format (which is truly the most widely accepted), there may be TIFF , RAW , etc. aimed at satisfying your professional photographic needs. There comes a point though when an average photographic amateur will want to become more advanced, and will be willing to try and experiment with the camera’s abilities. The first step to learn some information about a digital image is to get it from it. When you upload an image into ImageConverter Plus, there is a preview mode with some info about the image. Click it – there will appear a long description of a photo – file type, file size, date it was modified, color depth, and several other parameters. You can upload all different photos and see what advantages this or that characteristic gives them, or what disadvantages exist. Compare images saved in TIFF and JPEG; compare image resolution and color depth. Each of these parameters can be easily amended with ImageConverter Plus. When you perform image conversion task, it’s possible to amend just a slight image characteristics (for example, change the compression method) to make the photo look perfect. The more information you gather about your photos, the more options you will have to master your photographic skills.