File migration

One of the most important aspects of graphics is sharing. It’s a rare photographer who takes photos and never shows them to anyone else. Valuable memories, successful shots, group photos of old friends – they are all supposed to be seen by others. There are different ways of sharing photos. Online photo sharing sites are gaining popularity, but some people try to stay away from them due to the lack of privacy. Professional photographers will never upload their customers’ photos online either and will prefer email sharing when you can carefully pick up the recipient’ address. If you are having difficulty sending photos because of image size, connection speed, or format, there are ways to get around those roadblocks. Before you try to attach your photos, you have to know how to modify and send them to make sure they are sendable and receivable. ImageConverter Plus does not just process really bulky image files – it allows sending them to the recipient by email not even leaving the program interface. Choose as many steps of the conversion profile as you wish. No matter how significant photo processing gets, the resulting image file which is “ready to go” can go to the recipient immediately. Deciding upon the “save to” option choose “email” and then introduce the desired settings. You will only have to do it once – next time you launch ImageConverter Plus the software will remember all your settings.