When camera knows more than you think

Image files do not just represent what was captured by your camera. There is much more information hidden or embedded inside, namely, date the image was taken, type of camera used, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc – these are called EXIF data. IPTC data mean additional information created by the author of an image. The author can save his name, an image title, keywords, creation date, and much more. These data are important for copyright, for ensuring important information be saved for years, or for keyword search provided with some photo sites. Still, not every photographer feels necessary to share his/her photographic skills’ peculiarities with customers. Creating high quality photos implies experience, right choice of camera model, special settings, so why not keep this information completely private? One of the abilities of ImageConverter Plus is the ability to edit EXIF/IPTC data of digital images. You can choose to remove them completely, or change them. There are no limits to the tags one can amend, and you can add your own ones to the list of existing tags such as software, orientation, date/time and lots more. In a way, these tags reveal a lot about you, and in case you avoid publicity removing EXIF and IPTC data help in protecting your privacy.