Helping web designers with text antialiasing

When talking about JPEG images we so much take their advantages for granted, that situations when JPEGs are converted to other image formats are rare and surprising for amateur photographers. But let’s remember that JPEG is not even a format – it’s a compression algorithm. It compresses an image so well keeping so much of the image quality that compression is not really noticeable; but still it exists and there is always a trade-off between image quality and file size. JPEG works great for real-world scenes either full color or grayscale. JPEGs are best suited for continuous tome images like photographs, but not so well for vector images and line art, and here comes PNG that is really helpful for them. One more advantage of PNG over JPEG is transparency. JPEG never supports transparency, while PNG supports two types of it: color masking and alpha channel. PNG’s full alpha channel makes it possible to create beautiful glows and drop shadows. PNG works great for web designers. When designing web pages graphic elements often need to be incorporated. They need to look as smooth as possible, and PNG graphics can help with antialiasing with text. PNG blends the text so it doesn’t look blocky. It is especially helpful if the text is small making it readable. You can convert JPEG to PNG. PNG images are not good for scaling, but ImageConverter Plus will also let you resize them with the minimum effect on quality.