Different variations of file extension .CAL

We sometimes get inquiries from our users stating that they have a hard time opening file extension .cal. There are several variations of this file type, and there may be several not supported by ImageConverter Plus. One of the areas of use of the CAL file is the military database. This specialized format was developed in the late 1970s and used for digitally storing military bitmap data for archival purposes. Another area of usage of a CAL file is calendar and scheduling programs. This file format is able to mimic a calendar page enabling the users to add events and data and edit the existing information. Last but not least is the DST (JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner) application – tuning software that was designed for the performance enthusiasts who want total control of their vehicle’s programming getting the ability to modify every aspect of their vehicle’s performance. What happens though is that when downloading DST the users find lots of information saved as .cal files and have a hard time opening those. Developers of ImageConverter Plus always strive to support the largest possible number of image formats. No matter how rare or proprietary these formats are we encourage our users to send us this or that image file in case they cannot open it using standard means, and we will do our best to help someone solve a specific problem and even include a certain file variation into our list of supported formats. File extension .CAL is one of the cases when we cannot guarantee 100% support for. Still, do not hesitate to write to our support service to get some help.