How to take a close-up photo of a far away object without zooming it

What if you have always wanted to take a picture of something (let’s say an elephant in the desert), but as soon as you see one it is still too far away? It’s awesome if your zoom allows taking a great shot. All the professional cameras offer good zooming options, but not everyone has a professional camera! What to do in this case? Do not wait for an elephant to come closer. Take a photo and wait till you get home and have a computer. Cropping images is one of the most common tasks. Professional photographers know perfectly well how to crop their photos at the initial stages using the zoom. But still the need to post-process the images at the computer is very frequent. It is not difficult to crop the image – you just need to know what elements seem to be distracting and what exactly you want to leave in the photo. Talking about the elephant in the desert you can experiment a lot using ImageConverter Plus. Leave the photo as it is and post it online. Make a close-up photo of the elephant cropping it and removing some parts of the previous image. The elephant will look as if it were just a few steps away. ImageConverter Plus pays a lot of attention to the image quality. Some quality loss is inevitable when you resize images or convert them to the format not so advanced at the original one. But the software has an option to control the image quality if, for instance, the output format is JPEG. In general, when performing any type of image processing our developers pay a special attention to maximize the richness and detail of the resulting images.