A batch file containing a set of commands

Command-line is a matter of preference or experience. Although it is not as difficult as it may seem first, just a few people make use of it, but those who do never regret. Command-line has a lot of advantages, where the quickness of the task completion is the most obvious one. System administrators use it a lot to automate the tedious process. ImageConverter Plus offers the users a wide variety of command-line options. Practically every conversion task can be performed via command-line. But what if the conversion task is the same, but some parameters differ? For instance, when resizing images you do the same job, but the resize percentage can be slightly different. The solution is a batch file , where the main commands are hidden inside. Batch files are useful for running a sequence of executables automatically, and where you only need to change what is necessary. There is no need to type the whole command – just delete those parameters that are not appropriate, and insert the necessary ones instead.