Making JPEG files more portable

When comparing PDF and JPEG, each format will be full of advantages. The necessity to convert these formats into one another is very frequent though and will depend on specific needs. ImageConverter Plus allows saving images into PDF, though conversion fr om PDF to other formats is not widely accepted, because PDF is more likely to be a document format rather than an image format. The main advantage of PDF is device independency – it will look exactly the same no matter wh ere the image will be displayed, so it’s one of the ways to make the unportable files more portable. When printing the image, there no guarantee that a JPEG image will look the same as on a computer monitor, while PDF file guarantees practically exact similarity no matter what type of a printer we have. Conversion from JPEG to PDF allows that images can be enlarged and viewed as high-quality images. PDF protects the images from any alteration. The only lim itation we have to note is that PowerPoint presentation will display JPEG images better than PDF.