Command line: access the heart of your computer

Command line interface is a special way of interacting with the computer via a text command instead of a mouse click. There are many ways to perform operations on a computer, but command line is usually treated as the main alternative to GUI. Command-line does not require that much memory; there is no necessity to load graphics, that’s why command line is usually faster than GUI and preferred by professionals who need to process a large number of image files. When processing images via the command-line, one needs to type specific commands depending on the task. We often recommend using Image Converter Command Line, and not just for graphics professionals, but for any users who are less experienced. Image Converter Command Line is much simpler than it may seem first and offers several advantages. Command-line interface is better for more complex actions, which you want to repeat (and possibly automate), and when you need to apply on many graphic files. The most common problem one usually comes across is the necessity to memorize the commands, and this scares the users. There is a solution though – when opening a regular ImageConverter Plus interface, there is an invitation to the command line at the bottom – “get command line”. As soon as you push it, you will get a command typical of the current operation you are performing on your images. You can run the command line without memorizing the command itself.