How to share profiles with distant users

Image processing sometimes requires professional approach. An average user will barely know all the details associated with image formats’ peculiarities and/or image conversion, that’s why developers of ImageConverter Plus have introduced some features that allow professionals share their experience with novices. ImageConverter Plus allows working with graphic images in a complex way, but by means of several easy steps. Let’s say you need to resize your image, convert it into a different format, apply a color effect, and then add a watermark to protect your authorship. In case you have to perform these operations on several images at once (actually not just several, but there can be thousands of images!), these operations can make up one profile – something that combines several small tasks into a single more complicated one. Name your profile and save it. When/if you would like to share this profile with someone else, save it with a unique name and then email it to someone who may need it. If you use Outlook or Windows mail, right click a profile, choose the option to send it via email, and all is done! If you use a browser, attach a profile like any other regular file you intend to send.