Conversion of CALS files

CALS image format most often refers to specific documentation used within governmental organizations . This format is almost mandatory for the US governmental offices document workflow. CALS can also identify an Office Document Interchange Format for documentary exchange among various platforms and applications. Like PDF, this format can combine text and graphics and interpret it in its own way. Recently, the use of CALS has become more widely used and is incorporated by small businesses and logistics companies. Please note though that there may be numerous variations of the CALS format not supported by ImageConverter Plus, in which case we encourage you to send the file to our support service. CALS image format variations exist in the military, calendars and scheduling programs creation, etc. The files in all these cases the same extension .cals, though they are not too easy to be recognized by our image viewer right away. There are 2 types of .cals – type I and type II. Type I stores a single compressed image file and Type II contains multiple image files in each. Type II may store image data in a compressed, raw or tiled format. Because the CALS format is monochrome only, it is primarily useful for storing simple documents, scanned or otherwise.