Make the Christmas season extra special

Some most enjoyable moments around Christmas time are receiving cards from family and friends. Creating a personalized Christmas card is a great way to show what’s new in your family. Now that our world is digitized, we tend to spend more time at the computer rather than create something with hands, but no matter what you decide to do – send a postcard to someone you think of during this holiday time, or send it by email – these are the ways to show that you have a place in your heart for the person you send it to. There are different greeting cards templates available online. Either using these or simply sharing your family photos will be a good idea for seasonal greetings. ImageConverter Plus does not deal with greeting cards creation in general – we advise you to use the templates offered by Photomix . The practical approach of ImageConverter Plus involves photo resize for further email sharing. Modern cameras tend to produce very large photos (though ensuring their high quality). When it comes to sharing these photos, it’s not always easy. Resize your Christmas images to send by email as postcards, or upload them onto Facebook or your website to share the joy of the season with others. Another important option we offer is a personal greeting that is technically interpreted as a text watermark. Go to “watermark” submenu and choose the text you would like to apply on your image. Christmas greeting should not look as a trivial message. This will be your way to add a personalized touch to any card you send. The only necessity that exists is that the text should be saved as an image format – not taken from an Office application. Personalized cards can be printed out, sent by email, uploaded to your blog or website, etc.