How much do you really know about your photos?

ImageConverter Plus offers the users a comprehensive array of options for making the photos turn out exactly the way they want. To determine whether or not the photo is appropriate for a specific project, it’s important to know as much as possible about a given image. When adding a new image to ImageConverter Plus, detailed information about each photo becomes available: file type, file size, color depth, dimension, characteristics of a given image format peculiarities, etc. A file type is a characteristic of an image file. It identifies the image format it is saved in, and sometimes the program used to open it. A file size is measured in bytes and identifies the amount of disk space consumed. Experimenting with the file size utilizing image resize, you can change a bulky photo into a flexible and mobile image. Pixel dimensions are horizontal and vertical measurements of an image expressed in pixels. Pixels are captured by the camera using an electronic sensor. When taking a photo this tiny sensor measures the amount of light also known as intensity and some other attributes such as the color. Color depth refers to how many variations of color the camera can capture. The largest value is 24 bits, which is an excellent parameter, while the 16 bits means pretty poor value. A regular image saved in the JPEG format can contain up to 24 bits of color variations – more than 16 millions different colors. It’s important for a camera to have good color depth to get the richest possible color rendition in your images.