A compact way of encoding data

LZW compression is a lossless compression algorithm. There is no quality loss, and there is no data thrown away. This compression algorithm is used for the TIFF images that are really large in size, and the main advantage of the LZW compression is that it makes them smaller which is mostly obvious if you work with thousands of images. When working with TIFF images LZW compression helps significantly decrease the time needed for FTP uploads and downloads. If you’re saving an image as a TIFF file with ImageConverter Plus, you can specify that the file be saved with “predictor” compression. The main idea of this compression mode is that many continuous tone images rarely vary in pixel value from one pixel to the next. In such images, if we replace the pixel values by differences between consecutive pixels, many of the differences should be 0, plus or minus 1, and so on. This reduces the apparent information content, and thus allows LZW to encode the data more compactly.