How to make your photos mobile

When taking photos you take them not just for yourself. Your main desire is likely to share them with friends. Indeed, it’s not that fun to look at photos and have no one around to share your excitement. But photos nowadays are pretty bulky and are not so easy to be sent via email. Digital technologies grow both in their numbers and their size, which results in huge photos. The quality of the photos is high, but the file size becomes too large. ImageConverter Plus is the software that simplifies your dialogue with all types of digital equipment. No matter what image format your image was saved in, and no matter how large the photo turned out to be you can solve the problem with a couple of mouse clicks. Upload your photo(s), choose the output image format (if necessary) and the resize characteristics. If you intend to send your photos via email there is no better way to do that than send them to the recipient via email directly from the software! You don’t need to save photos in a certain folder – simply set the necessary parameters for the email use when choosing “save to” parameter. We have tried to simplify this option as much as possible. So, ImageConverter Plus practically sends photos on your behalf. It is so nice to have someone else do the work for you! Apart from email we can upload photos to FTP so that they become available to anyone who has access to your FTP file page. Again, you tell us what you want to do, and we do the work.