“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence”

How do you think music is related to image conversion? Sounds really weird, doesn’t it? You may suggest the version that they are both art-related. Music is considered to be the type of art, while ImageConverter Plus helps process photos that are sometimes masterpieces too. But this is not what we want to touch upon today. We will talk about musical notes and how ImageConverter Plus can simplify the life of a professional musician or an amateur. When you like to perform you are likely to have a lot of music note books. They are heavy; they occupy a lot of room; they are sometimes put on the shelves and collect dust, but you can’t throw them away because you cannot remember all the compositions by heart. What is possible to do is to digitize your notes. Scanning them is one of the options. If you scan your musical notes the output image file is likely to be TIFF. If you have scanned the notes of some particular composer (like “The Seasons” by Tchaikovsky) it’s better to create a single multipage file consisting of 12 separate files. TIFF images can be further processed to be suitable for the web. Why not share your favorite music with friends? If you convert your TIFF image files to JPEG the quality loss will be minimal, but the files will be smaller and can be emailed to anyone you wish. We have to note though that in case the image quality of your scanned images is not perfect there are ways to enhance it. Use image effects offered by ImageConverter Plus, create your own music collection and remember: “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind…, heals the heart and makes it whole…”