Choose the best folder structure for your converted TIFF images

TIFF images assure great image quality, but come out as really large files. If you take photos in TIFF format it is implied that you are going to convert them to JPEG later, because otherwise chances to demonstrate your photos to someone are limited. ImageConverter Plus can process TIFF images and folders of TIFF images. Try to think of a situation when you want to convert your TIFF images to JPEG keeping the original folder structure. Although you may think this is barely possible, ImageConverter Plus can fulfill this task easily. No matter how many TIFF files your folder contains, add the folder to the program, choose the output format and specify what folder structure you prefer – you can convert images in subfolders, or restore subfolder structure in the target folder. If your task is to leave the folder structure as it is just click on the corresponding option. You will get the same folder of images with the same folder structure only in a different image format. It takes just a couple of minutes for even a novice to figure out how to do this – the software interface is really user-friendly.