Add a newly converted image to an existing multipage file

Among a large variety of image formats there are some that support a multipage layout, where the most common ones are GIF and TIFF. Processing multipage files requires special attention and special software. One thing is that you have a certain number of pages (separate files) that you combine into one multipage file. Another story is when you don’t have all the pages (files) at once, and they keep coming, and you have to remember where each separate file should belong to. We have added a new feature to ImageConverter Plus. It makes it possible to append the converted image to an existing multipage file. There are several options for processing files with the multipage layout, and this newest possibility can be applied on images of the TIFF and GIF formats. You will find it among the list of other possibilities – saving a file as it is; as a multipage file; or as separate pages.