How to change the image size without changing the image borders

When changing the image size, there are two terms used – scaling and resizing. Although they seem very similar, there is some difference between them, and this difference is not so obvious. The best example visualizing the difference between these two terms is a sheet of paper that we can try to make smaller. When resizing it, we can take scissors and cut it down to get the right size. When scaling it, we have to compress everything inside so that it looks smaller. The object’s width and height in this case remain the same. Resizing is simply changing the width and height values of an object. Scaling involves using a percentage value related to the original scale (100%) of the frame. Still, resize offered by ImageConverter Plus can be more compared with scaling. Using ImageConverter Plus to resize the image, the dimensions of the layer are changed, and the image contents are stretched or squeezed to exactly fit within the new layer boundaries. This operation is called canvas. It does not mean that common resize is impossible – vise versa, our resize capabilities combine the best of the two size amendment options. For example, it’s possible to create thumbnails of the original images, keep original image proportions, or amend them.