“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible…”

Lengthy tasks really aren’t that hard if you just do things one at a time and in the right order. In math, for instance, you could have several answers to a simple problem, if you do not follow the established mathematical rules. A similar situation takes place when you need to apply several operations on digital images using ImageConverter Plus. Most of the time when converting images, there have to be several other operations applied, i.e. resize, crop, color effect, etc. You can apply several operations on the same images – just choose them from the software interface one by one, or combine them into a single profile. Still, you have to be careful when specifying the order of operations you would like to apply. Let’s say you would like to crop your image and to apply a watermark. You definitely need to choose crop as the first operation, otherwise if you apply the watermark operation first, and then decide to crop your image, the watermark will appear distorted. Operations applied on images may be similar or very different. You can add operations to the existing profiles; you can exclude operations temporarily or permanently. The most important operation you would like to start with should be in the first place, while others should follow it.