Passing off another’s work or product avoiding plagiarism

Doing scientific research may be both exciting and boring; it always requires hundreds of hours of hard work, numerous books to read, but it’s all worth it if you aim at achieving the result you know. Scientific research always implies that you have to study a lot of literature which is often outdated. Sometimes old books are the only means of explaining specific information which does not yet exist in the internet. Let’s say you are an expert in paleontology. Using someone else’s previous research is very common, and sometimes you have to use pictures taken, or graphics used in your own report. The best way to do so is to scan the existing materials and adapt them to yours. Scanning old books is always an issue. The bad quality of the scanned document is caused by the out datedness of the literature itself. So, letters not distinct enough or black boarders around the page are very common. How to correct these drawbacks to make your presentation more attractive? Here are some tips offered by ImageConverter Plus. First of all, you can correct the color of the scanned image to make the text more distinct. One more solution is to apply image cropping on the image to remove the black borders. It’s fine to refer to someone else’s work done previously. But remember: when you use the words or ideas of someone else in your report, you must give credit. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.