Automatic and manual image cropping

When we take pictures we try to do our best – choose the background carefully, pick up the main subject, try to plan a composition. But how come most of the photos still need correction? Unnecessary details in photos are something that bugs us most. The common question when we see something else in the photo except the beauty of the main subject is: “Was I blind not to notice that when taking a picture?” But don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Even experienced photographers run into cases when there are details to be removed. Cropping images is one of the most common tasks. When cropping a photo we remove some elements from the image. ImageConverter Plus offers several crop options. When cropping margins you improve the way the original image looks when scanned, etc. You can remove the margins making the photo look more natural. Rectangle 2 points – type of image cropping meaning that you crop the image from the top left corner of a rectangle and bottom right corner of this rectangle. So you simply make it smaller from the corners. Rectangle (point, width, and length) means that the rectangle to be cropped is formed from the starting point, then width and height. Margins autocrop means that the rectangle to be cropped is formed from the starting point , then width and height. When choosing the crop mode using ImageConverter Plus the main goal is to specify the pixel value of the image to be processed. This is necessary with each of the crop modes except margins autocrop.