It’s me, the author

Image protection has never been such a sensitive topic as now. There are different copyright threats as well as personal safety threats due to numerous network uploads. It’s not an average user who copyrights images. Instead of proving that you are the author, and thus the owner of a picture we simply send it to different internet resources and allow practically anyone to copy it and use it anywhere. If someone is looking for a photo of a specific subject but is unwilling to pay money to a professional then a good alternative is to steal an image that is not protected against illegal use. But do you know that you let others earn money on your account? If a photo is intended to be used on a website who knows how popular the website will become. Visual representation of a website is of vital importance for business promotion. Do you really want others to use your talent and creativity for their project? ImageConverter Plus offers several options for protecting images from piracy. Adding a watermark you prevent others from claiming authorship. It’s up to you what the watermark will contain – it can be some copyright symbol that comes across the image, the author’s signature, some small text in the corner, or a company logo. Choosing from the watermark size you should note that the larger the watermark is the fewer chances are that the image will be stolen, but it will definitely spoil the general look.