RAW file format support for Panasonic DMC-L1

RAW photos are the basis of professional digital photography. RAW
is often referred to as the “digital negative”. Essentially it’s what your camera’s sensor records without any of the usual in-camera processing associated with JPEG
capture. These files contain all of the image data captured by the camera’s image sensor without it being processed or adjusted in any way. This lets you move the images to the computer and interpret this data the way you want to instead of having the camera do it for you. When you want total control over exposure, white balance, and other settings, this is the format to use because only four camera settings permanently affect a RAW image— the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focus. RAW images have dramatically more information opening up shadow areas, recovering lost details in highlights, and making fine adjustments to colors. The option to shoot RAW is available in many advanced and professional digital cameras. Use ImageConverter Plus to view and further process the RAW image files from many contemporary cameras, including Panasonic DMC-L1