Add watermark to images via command-line

Watermarking is mostly used for copyright. It’s a rare professional photographer who will agree to send his masterpieces to someone, or post photos online without adding his or her signature, or protecting authorship some other way. Add watermark to your images to declare your copyright on photos to the world. This will prevent theft of your photos online. You can even add watermarks to your art work and digital pictures that you share online. Watermarking will also help you advertise your company adding its name or website. Isn’t it the cheapest way to promote your services? Watermarking can also describe emotions you share about a particular photograph. Instead of adding a text description to an image sometimes it makes sense to ins ert that description in to the image itself to ensure life-long memory of the event the description refers to. There are several ways of adding a watermark to images. Even using traditional ways of watermarking photographs you can process hundreds or thousands of photos at once. Command-line of ImageConverter Plus offers a less traditional way of adding a watermark to photos that our advanced users will appreciate. This includes several steps, but it’s just a matter of learning the commands once.