Working with different files and folders

Photographic images are usually saved in different folders. The conversion tasks vary though – sometimes it makes sense to distribute the converted files among several folders, and sometimes vice versa – save them all in one after processing. Whatever your task is, ImageConverter Plus will help you develop the organizational skills and save the files exactly where they need to be located. Several image folders can be easily saved into one. Choose the folders you wish to process and right-click each of them. The Windows context menu will offer you some conversion profiles, but if you are not certain of the task, or the profile you need is not on the list, simply send the folders to the program interface. You will see all your files there on the list no matter how many folders they originate from. Now what matters is the conversion path. You can save the converted files anywhere you want – just browse the destination folder among the ones available. There is an option to create a new folder – and you can do this without leaving the software interface. If there is only one image folder and for some reason you do not want to create a new folder, then the converted files can substitute the original ones. In this case you will have to delete the source images (although this is not desirable if you are not certain of the conversion result). This option is available under the “file name” submenu. In case your task is a little different – like saving a certain portion of images in one folder, and the other in another one, this is not possible to be fulfilled in one single step. You will have to do some preliminary things first and then choose the destination folder for each portion of your converted files. When dealing with image folders there are more options offered – you can decide whether or not you want to convert the files from subfolders and whether or not you want to keep the subfolder structure. But these decisions are easier to make and will depend on your unique conversion project.