Expressing your emotions

Why our feelings are important in interpersonal relations? Proper communication is the essence of relationships. People’s feelings are the essence of communication. Openness of feelings and the communication level provide for effective communication. People tend to spend more time online nowadays. Instead of devoting more time for one-by-one meetings we prefer to stay in, turn on the computer and communicate via email or social networks. Thus, means of communication have changed from interpersonal for online ones. Emoticons can show not all but some of our feelings in a funny yet truly way. Smileys or emoticons are used on a variety of forums, social networks, emails. They make a difference. The post becomes more emotional, attracts attention and reflect your real feelings in a creative way. To create emoticons one needs to know how to work with the GIF image format. GIF’s main advantage is its animation. This is the only image format able to make the figures run, dance, show anger and express many other different things. ImageConverter Plus provides support for GIF images allowing the users to resize them, split them into separate images, thus making them suitable for your own specific needs.