Wrong numeration may be the cause of misunderstanding

Wrong file numeration similar to mistakes in punctuation may lead to confusion and misunderstanding, especially if the work implies dealing with hundreds of image files. Numerating the resulting image files is one of the macros set for the resulting file name. It is very convenient when the original image files come from different folders, but when they are converted or resized, they should be saved in the same folder and numerated accordingly. The resulting image files will be numerated like: image.000.jpg or image 001.png etc. – each resulting file number will be increased by 1 while converted. Correct numeration is of vital importance . Whenever someone needs to deal with numbers, there should be maximum attention paid and no mistakes allowed for calculation and/or numeration. The original image files coming from customers may look disorganized, but the work done on image conversion should satisfy or even exceed the customer’s expectations.