Learn the advantages of the vector files

There exist two different file types – vector and bitmap. Although bitmap images are photo realistic ones, vector graphics can also looks like some type of art. The main difference between those types of images lies in the way the image data is stored. Bitmaps consist of pixels, while victors are based on lines. Since there is not that much pixel information stored within the vector file, it is much smaller than a bitmap image. Nevertheless, when there are multiple lines joined, there appear discernable images. Vector images have a number of advantages over bitmap images, including:
– If you enlarge the bitmap image, the bitmaps will look jagged, since the computer will only enlarge the size of squares making up the image area. Vector images will look smoother.
– Editing vector images is easier. Each set of lines of the vector file is a separate one. Each object can be easily re-edited.
– Vector images are smaller than bitmaps

The disadvantages of vector files include:
– There may appear drawbacks in drawings when they are enlarged too much
– One needs special skills to create a vector file – it’s impossible to take a vector photograph
ImageConverter Plus can interpret both vector and bitmap images and allows converting vector images into bitmaps. Vector formats supported for conversion include: WMF, EMF , EMF+, PDF, PSP, WPG , and SNP.