Wanted: your collection!

People have been collecting for centuries whether its coins, stamps, postcards, spoons, or more bizarre things like teabags, chocolate bar wrappers, etc. People collect things for lots of reasons, including that it is fun! Collecting is a great hobby because it can be different and unique for everyone. Each found item has its own “story”. In the process of collecting, you continue to learn. As you build any collection, you apply skills in identifying, selecting, discriminating, evaluating, classifying, and arranging items. Apart from different types of contests that take place for collectors, we advise you to encourage others to follow your example. Upload photos of your collections onto your personal web page or web album. Tell everyone the stories behind them. Share early images of your collections and show how they’ve grown throughout the years. Point out which items are your favorites and explain why your collection is so important to you. Take photos of each piece of your collection and all of them all together. ImageConverter Plus will be useful to optimize your photos for the web. It is not as easy to take a high quality picture of a really small item, but correcting image brightness/contrast and cropping the image is essential so that each photo looks special. Background is important, and ImageConverter Plus can make it transparent so that nothing distracts the viewer from the main object. We wish you good luck if you decide to participate in come photo contest, but even if you are not a professional make others admire each and every item of your collection.