Say it in graphics

Graphic design includes analysis, organization, and methods of presentation of visual solutions. Graphic designers use the images which are drawn, painted, photographed or computer-generated. They also use various fonts and styles to make the graphic design an eye-catching one. The aim of a graphic designer is to convey the message to the audience in an attractive way, which should have a good response as well. Graphic designers should have a comprehensive knowledge of image formats, their peculiarities and areas of their usage. They need to know when to create a GIF or a JPEG image, and the difference between them. They work with raster and vector formats as well as text and combine them all to reach the desired goal in the most effective way. Both words and images should be creative and catchy respectively. ImageConverter Plus can help the graphic design professionals decide and experiment with a wide variety of image formats. The importance of reducing images sizes is a way to increase the overall speed of a web page, so we offer plenty of our resize options as well as thumbnails creation. There are two things that will help you pick the right format for your web design: experimenting and experience. The more you save images in different image formats, the quicker you will be in recognizing situations in which PNG , JPEG, or GIF should be used.