Use the command-line without memorizing any commands

Command-line interface is an alternative method of interacting with your computer. While the majority of the users do so via a mouse, there are some (mostly professionals) who know what commands to give to the computer from keyboard so that the task is fulfilled faster than usual. Command-line is a double Dutch though for an average user. Although it’s been here for quite a while (command-line was developed in the 1950s), it has not become very user friendly for the simplest reason that it’s hard to memorize the commands! There are dozens of those, but how come some people really want to master it and do not avoid these memory puzzles? It’s because command-line has a lot of advantages. It’s especially useful when there are hundreds or even thousands of operations to fulfill, and no matter how tedious they are, and how bulky the job seems, the task can be done in seconds via the command-line. ImageConverter Plus aims at simplifying batch image processing. Any number of images of any size can be converted either by regular conversion method, or via the command-line. Realizing that most of our users have not mastered the command-line interface, we have introduced direct access to it right from the program interface. Create a conversion profile, choose the destination folder, and click “get command-line”. What you can do is run it directly from the window, copy it to clipboard, and modify it if necessary. We encourage you to try and evaluate its advantages. It may become the first step to learning practically a new programming language.