Unoriginal thoughts about original images

Taking photos implies creativity. Ability to evoke an emotional response from a viewer is what the main idea of taking images is. A photo speaks to us individually and conveys some type of attraction or connection with a photo. Whether it’s love, fear, admiration, desire or any other feeling, an image elicits within us a response. The ability to combine the technical with the creative and produce an image is something that will make your images different from millions of others. It is not always a matter of good photographic equipment, perfect photography skills, and advantageous weather conditions for photo taking. Sometimes one can add special effects to images that are not of the highest quality. Even if it happens that your image needs correction, or looks trivial, to present it in a more advantageous way you can experiment with its shape. For example, you can smooth out the angles obtaining a retro style; or you can make the image borders wavy making the photo look less official. Each of these operations will depend on your individual preferences, but if the same effect can be applied on several images, you can apply it with ImageConverter Plus in batch mode.