Same color, different representation. How to avoid this?

Color profiles mean data that describe different values of color range. Color is not a universal, but a multiple-value aspect including the information about hues, saturation and brightness. Color profiles describe compatibility of colors of input and output devices – scanners, monitors, and printers, for example, for an RGB scan viewed on an RGB monitor to happily match a CMYK print of the same image. It may happen that the color will appear different if you use it in a different program or a different device – the image may be displayed incorrectly. Monitors use additive color created by light and have a wider color gamut or range of colors. Printers use a subtractive color method through manmade pigments. These pigments have a limitation on the color gamut they can generate. Instead of doing numerous color corrections it’s better to set color management options in advance. ImageConverter Plus offers the users an effective color management system. There are 3 parameters you can choose from: to ignore color profile; to use built-in color profile, to use external color profile. When you change color profile you are not changing colors themselves – you change the way they are interpreted by other devices, and the level of accuracy in their representation.