A tool for software development

If you have some software idea or are thinking of creating your own game, you will soon realize that no matter how awesome your idea is it is not so easy to fulfill it without supporting applications. For any software development one often needs images. But the main problem is that images are of different origin and structure, or need to be scaled, or need to be converted to a more appropriate format. Developing software you need to control the image dpi and change it if necessary. For the game development you deal with different textures and need to convert them too making them suitable for the particular task. Developing software you deal with both – raster and vector images , and conversion in between them is essential. This is what ImageConverter Plus can help developers with – we support more than 800 image formats of all types. There is no conversion that we would not be able to perform. Batch mode is one of the main software features. Ability to support the image layers, to solve map displacement problems makes ImageConverter Plus the leader in the field of graphic processing.