Combining art with the history and the mystery

There is so much unknown in life. If you are interested in traveling and history you know that there are numerous examples of old civilizations rendered through stone engravings: an 80-ton piece of mountain in the middle of New Mexico’s wilderness engraved with an abbreviated version of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew that has a few Greek letters mixed in; the Nazca lines in Peru; the Tassili-n-Ajjer in Algeria – one of the most famous North African sites of thirty thousand mountainous rock paintings and engravings. No one really knows their origin, but they attract millions of tourists from around the world trying to reveal or simply admire the secrets of the old centuries. There are not so many new secrets nowadays though, but if you like the old-style engravings you can create a similar effect on your photos surprising others with this amazing effect. Your photos will look like the ones from old centuries becoming very interesting digital art. ImageConverter Plus can transform an image into a relief, with details appearing as ridges and crevices on a flat surface. You can experiment changing the amount of embossing, and your image will look like it was carved in stone.