Think you are multitasking?

One of the requirements practically each company sets for a prospective employee, is to be a multi-tasking person. This means that you will have to carry on several projects at once, while each of them should be a success. It’s a hard task, isn’t it? Once in a while you get distracted, can forget important details, have to worry about different things at the same time, etc. You have to work under pressure, but still have to succeed. Same requirements can be applied on software – the more operations the software can perform, the more advantageous it becomes. One of the most vivid advantages of ImageConverter Plus is its ability to combine lots of image conversion operations into a single step. For example, you need to convert your images to another image format, change the image background , apply a watermark, etc. When you combine these operations, it’s only important to observe the operations order – they will be applied on images same way you choose them. Save them all as a single profile and assign them a specific name. Next time you need to perform same operations on a new group of images, you will get access to your own profile from the list of available ones. ImageConverter Plus allows processing your images in batch mode – no matter how many images you have, you can use the profiles on the group of images of any size.