Repairing damaged image files

Image files can be damaged due to the system errors, user errors, or camera issues. There are situations when the file can be viewed on a certain device, while another one will not recognize them. Sometimes the image files are not recognized by any device, while they contain important information valuable for the user. If the image file was resaved many times and in different image formats, chances are that the file contains some information of a particular image format, which makes an effect on the software ability to read it properly. Image viewer, which is an integral part of ImageConverter Plus, is equipped with the most up-to-date image viewer. Our image viewer is able to recognize even the most complicated variations of different image formats. It will be possible to view and convert your images into the more accurate version of the image file. In case your task is to simply view the images, it’s possible to do it via MyViewPad that has the same image viewing functionality. Last but not least, send the files to our support service. In case you have come across the image format that is very rare or outdated, try to send these files to our support service. We try to add new format variations to the list of supported formats on a regular basis.