Things to help you navigate your way

If you’ve just downloaded ImageConverter Plus you surely have lots of questions and may feel confused, which is natural. Our goal though is to make the complicated simple and to provide all types of resources that could help our users navigate through the numerous capabilities of ImageConverter Plus. Whenever you have a question, click on the question mark in the right hand corner. Our local digest briefly explains the main software features; our home website will provide detail descriptions of everything the software can do for you and will inform you every day about the new features introduced or the new image formats added. Go directly to the help center – get assistance while using the command line, or when you encounter a problem with the software interface. Not only do we provide these opportunities, we are also open to getting your damaged or rare image formats and will do our best to recognize and convert them. ImageConverter Plus supports the largest number of existing image formats. Each and every image format important for our customer will be considered for our database.