Protect your animated GIF images from illegal use

Animated GIFs are used to create interesting effects, icons, navigation buttons, banners etc. There are many different programs for both beginners and professionals to create gif images. Animated images are well integrated into the web pages, which makes them popular and widely used for web design. The animations are more used as digital art. Animated GIF images can make a strong impression when used skillfully. Although ImageConverter Plus cannot work as a creator for animated GIF images, it offers several means of processing them. By means of ImageConverter Plus you can resize GIFs, convert images from other formats to GIF, keep them moving or save them as several separate images. One of the operations offered by ImageConverter Plus is copyright of animated GIFs. Copyright is natural for everyone who creates something of his or her own. Even regular photos, let alone animated GIF images, should be protected from unauthorized use. Adding watermark to animated GIFs you prove your own creativity and decide who can display them or make their copies. Animated GIFs are fun to use and serve as a way of expressing emotions. They are most often used as nonstandard avatars. To add a watermark to an animated GIF image there are just a few steps to take. You can make it a text watermark, add your own signature, your name, or any other identification.